Modern and innovative architectural design

Innovation and style has never looked better. Built with top of the line materials, our contemporary design showers the entire mall with natural lighting to showcase its beauty, while lively, open spaces make you feel like you are right where you belong.

Important anchor stores

To visit Citadina is to experience a brand new level of comfort and excitement. Our family-friendly environment means that whether you’re going on a groceries run or taking the whole family out to the movies, all your wants and needs are a few steps away.

Well known franchises, national and international chains

We want to make every one of your experiences unique. Every time you visit Citadina, you’ll have a different way to make it as special as you want. We only work with the best franchises and chains in the world, so all our partners will give you the best treatment you deserve.

A wide variety of important stores

Diversity is key to make every visit an extraordinary one. Each store in Citadina appeals to a different part of you, and finding the right thing at the right time only means looking to the next windowfront, and the excitement that lies just beyond its doors.

Something extra
For everyone


We understand that everyone has their own priorities, that's the reason why we build places in which all of them are fulfilled.

Visit Citadina and you will see that it is the perfect place for an incredible experience with your family, friends, or some awesome alone time.

We understand that every person has their own needs to be met, so we built a place where all ends meet. Visit Citadina and you’ll see that it’s the perfect place to have an incredible experience with your family, with your friends or simply to have some amazing me-time.

Come see for youself

When you visit Citadina, you open your mind to a world of possibilities. We strive every day to make your visit the best experience you could ever have. Our staff, our partners and everyone involved in Citadina want you to feel as special as you are, and everything we do is to turn that into a reality.
The place is built to be as open and fresh as possible, to remind you that, even in the middle of a bustling city, there’s a place where you can turn your everyday activities into an exciting experience.
Remember that we just want you to have a great time. In Citadina, chores are no longer dull, and entertainment is as fun as is going to get. When you come to Citadina, you must be ready to make your day the best It could be, because we most definitely will do our best to give it to you.

Drop a line

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